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Michael Mark

Michael Mark
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Email: michael@soldsynergy.com.au

Mobile: 0414 720 050

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Michael Mark has been a professional Real Estate Agent since 1988 in the Bundaberg Region. Michael has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge over this extensive period of time that he has been selling Real Estate in the Bundaberg Region that he loves.

While Michael is very experienced at selling Real Estate in the Bundaberg residential area, Michael particularly enjoys and specialises selling Rural Properties in our region.

Michael has come to understand that to survive in this modern world we must evolve and move with the times. Technology is forever changing and regardless of the property being a residential property in town or a Rural property outside of the town area, we need to use every avenue possible to reach all of the buyers in our market place.

As an agent in the Bundaberg area Michael can see that SYNERGY Property Specialists are at the forefront of professional marketing. The only way that Michael can market properties to the highest standard is to be a part of the team that are leading the way.

Michael has also come to realise that the systems, the backup and support from behind the scenes provided by the administration team at SYNERGY are outstanding. The backup and support from the administration team allows Michael to spend his time helping buyers and sellers rather than spending his time on the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Michael has a real energy and passion for Real Estate and loves to know that he has the tools to market his clients properties in the best way possible in an effort to achieve higher prices for properties which ultimately puts more money in his clients back pocket.

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