Our SYNERGY Checklist On How To Get That Rental Home!

  1. Good agents start interviewing you for a property before you even submit an application. We will notice things like whether you remove your shoes, how polite you are and whether you are on time.
  2. Organise your application before attending the property. Download our application form, take a few copies of your ID (Driver’s Licence, Medicare Card, bank statement etc.) and have this ready with the application form. Also ensure you have copies of your current pay slips to confirm your income. (Please ensure your handwriting is legible)
  3. Contact you current managing agent to request a copy of your tenancy ledger and include this with the application. (This will show that you pay your rent on time without us having to wait to hear from your agent, who may be slower than another applicant’s agent.
  4. Arrive on-time to the inspections, introduce yourself to the inspecting agent and remove your shoes (even if others aren’t). Often we will receive multiple suitable applications and the landlord of the property will ask us for our gut feel on who to choose.
  5. At the end of the inspection (not during because we need to keep an eye on the property), hand in your completed application and say how much you love the property. If there is a great outdoor area for example, express how great your outdoor setting will look there.
  6. If there are any issues with the property, point them out very politely and ask the agent their opinion on how to get these rectified. The agent will not mind having someone ask about issues, but may believe that you will be too fussy for the property if you point out every little paint chip.
  7. Pay your first two weeks as soon as you are approved for the property. You don’t want the owners changing their minds!

Get That Bond Back

Getting your bond back PDF


If you have further questions, please call our Property Management Department on 07 4152 4200 or email us.