“SYNERGY – The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

Having been in the industry since 2003 with 2 major franchise groups, Tim and Rachel McCollum decided to progress their business to the next level and launch their own Real Estate brand “SYNERGY” which represents what they are passionate about, everyone working together to get a better outcome.

SYNERGY Property Specialists in both sales and property management is ultimately about doing the best job possible rather than the cheapest job possible.

The most expensive way to sell a property is to undersell the property.

The most expensive way to rent a property is for it to be empty or damaged.

When helping you sell your property, our aim is to put the most money in your pocket once it is all said and done by ensuring we achieve the highest possible price for your property. A high price is not achieved by a promise, a high price is achieved by using the best strategy possible to generate the most interest in your property as possible and then leveraging each buyer against each other to push the price up.

The price your property sells for is generally a variable of around 10%. A property worth around $300,000 could sell in the range of $285,000 to $315,000 depending on how many people want to buy the property at the same time. When everything possible is done, ultimately we are not just looking for a buyer, we are looking for the best buyer, the buyer that will pay a premium for the property as it is perfectly suited to their needs. When a property fits a buyer like a glove and that buyer is forced to offer more than another buyer to secure the property, the highest price is then achieved. We don’t want to just list your property for sale and we don’t want to just sell your property. We are aiming to sell your property for a Premium Price in a timely manner.

When we are looking after your investment property we ensure we are not understaffed for the number of managements we are looking after. We are a boutique office with a rent role grown organically from the people that we have helped. We know our properties intimately and we ensure we spend the time to reference check our prospective tenants thoroughly. We connect with the best applicants quickly to ensure we don’t lose them and we get your property rented as quickly as possible to the best tenants as possible.

We hope to be able to welcome you on board as part of the SYNERGY client family. We promise to undertake your real estate needs to the very best of our abilities, with integrity and honesty.